Mountain Living

While most in our neighborhood are old-hands when it comes to mountain living, this page provides essential information about wildfire hazards, well water systems, septic systems, local wildlife, outdoor lighting, and a number of other important concerns.

Wildfire Hazards

While we live in one of the highest wildfire hazard areas in Colorado and in the U.S. – both in the 99 percentile for risk of wildfire – there are a number of very effective steps that you can take toward mitigating that risk.  Through the Valley-Hi neighborhood’s Firewise program, you can reduce your and the neighborhood’s risk dramatically.  Find out more about the program here: Firewise USA® Wildfire Mitigation Recommendations.  Additionally, please see the following information regarding local wildfire hazard mitigation, the Valley-Hi Firewise® program, neighborhood wildfire protection planning, neighborhood evacuation, and wildfire risk in Jefferson County: Elk Creek & Inter-Canyon FPD Community Wildfire Protection Plan, Valley-Hi Firewise Program Lingo, Neighborhood Wildfire Protection Plan, Wildland Fire Evacuation Planning, and Wildfire Risk in Jefferson County.

Well Water Systems

In the Valley-Hi neighborhood, each home is served by an individual residential well water system which, in almost all cases, is of sufficient quanity and the water supplied is of good quality.  However, Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) recommends that household well water be tested annually for contaminants including: bacteria, Giardia, fluorides, nitrates, nitrites, and radiation – all of which may be harmful to health.  Additional information can be found here: Well Water Systems in Jefferson County

Septic Systems

To handle household waste, all 108 Valley-Hi home-sites are served by on-site septic systems – referred to by JCPH as On-site Waste Treatment Systems (OWTS) – systems which require periodic servicing but may occassionally require maintenance or repair work.  Additional information can be found here: OWTS in Jefferson County

Living Near Wildlife

The Valley-Hi neighborhood is situated in an area with many wildlife species nearby, including deer, elk, pronghorn, sheep, goats, bear, moose, mountain lion, fox, and coyote as well as many bird and raptor spiecies.  The Colorado Parks & Wildlife Division (CPW) has many learning resources that are available here: Living With Wildlife in Colorado

Outdoor Lighting

In recent years, excessively bright outdoor lighting has become a concern, especially in mountain communities such as ours.  International Dark-Sky Association, an organization that aims to combat light pollution, recommends that outdoor lighting be used: 1) only when needed, 2) be no brighter than necessary, 3) minimize blue-light emissions, and 4) always be downward facing.  You can find more information about outdoor lighting here: Outdoor Lighting Basics

Proposed Developments

As a registered HOA, the Valley-Hi HOA receives notice from the Jefferson County Planning & Zoning Division regarding applications for large-scale residential and commercial developments proposed for our area.  While for most proposed development cases the Valley-Hi HOA takes no position, in past cases, when issues of concern to the community have been raised by community members, the HOA has submitted comments to Jefferson County during the land-use decision process.  More information regarding mountain area community issues can be found here: Conifer & South Evergreen Community Committee

Additional Resources