Pay Valley-Hi HOA Membership Dues

There are three ways to pay Valley-Hi HOA Membership Dues.  Please select the method below that works best for you:

    2. PAY VIA ZELLE® (see instructions below)
    3. PAY VIA CHECK (see instruction below)

Note: For inquiries concerning credit card payments, please send an email to:

To pay using Zelle®, please use the following steps:

    1. First, ensure that you have enabled Zelle® transfers at your bank.*
    2. Next, from your online or mobile banking application, select the pay with Zelle® option.
    3. Then, send your $30.00 dues payment to – done!

To pay by check: Make your check payable to “Valley-Hi HOA” then mail it to: Vicki Wimberly, Valley-Hi HOA  Secretary, 9148 William Cody Drive, Evergreen CO 80439 – done!

*For more information about paying membership dues with Zelle®, please check here: Zelle® Pay Website