Valley-Hi HOA Membership and Directory Listing Form

Please complete the Valley-Hi HOA Membership and Directory Listing Form below by entering:

    1. The property address along with the telephone number for the primary contact (required);
    2. The name, telephone number, and email address for each adult living at the property (required);
    3. Optionally, the names of children living at the property with services they may offer;
    4. Optionally, the name, breed, color, and sex of the dogs living at the property;
    5. Optionally, please offer additional information or ideas that may help you and your neighbors; and
    6. Finally, optionally, please enter the name and telephone number for an emergency contact along with relationship.

Our HOA Secretary will enter and/or update your information which, except for the information you authorize released for listing in our internally published HOA Directory Listings, will be kept confidential.


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