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Living with Wildlife

[Information taken directly from the Jefferson County living with wildlife website]

Coexistence with wildlife is an enjoyable part of living in the mountainous environment of Colorado. The key to coexistence is to respect the wildness of wildlife. As more houses are built in the mountainous areas and in the foothills, human and domestic animal encounters with wildlife will increase. Elk, deer, mountain lion, bear, fox, turkey, beaver, porcupine, coyote, birds, and other animals are found in this environment. The following Colorado Division of Wildlife guidelines are provided to assist the mountain dweller to better coexist with wildlife:
  1. Be aware that mountain lions and bears are most active from dusk to dawn.

  2. Keep your pet under control at all times. Roaming pets are easy prey for larger predators and more susceptible to injury and disease. Bring pets in at night or keep them in a kennel with a secure top. Feeding pets outside can attract mountain lions and bears. Store all garbage securely.

  3. Closely supervise children whenever they play outdoors.

  4. Planting non-native shrubs and plants that deer and elk often prefer to eat encourages wildlife to come onto your property. This can be a problem because predators follow prey. Note: Elk prefer tulips - but don't like daffodils.

  5. Do not feed wildlife other than songbirds.

  6. Place livestock in enclosed sheds or barns at night.

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