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Mountain Pine Beetle and Other Pests

[Information taken directly from the Jefferson County pine beetle website]

Mountain pine beetle is a native and naturally occurring insect that attacks our ponderosa and lodgepole pine forests. The beetle carries bluestain fungus, a disease that causes pine trees to die by clogging their vascular system. Once a tree has the fungus it will die even though it may take months to finally show the effects.

What MPB Does
Under normal conditions MPB populations remain small and only isolated, individual trees are affected. However, every 20-25 years MPB populations increase to epidemic levels and entire stands of trees can be killed.

Recent surveys have shown an increase in MPB populations along the Front Range and specifically in Jefferson County. We are seeing the beginnings of a new MPB epidemic. Jefferson County last experienced such an epidemic during the mid-1970's through the early 1980's. At that time, hundreds of thousands of ponderosa pine trees were killed and millions of dollars were spent on control measures. With MPB populations again on the upswing, measures should be taken to prevent widespread damage.

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