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Noxious Weeds

[Information taken directly from the Jefferson County noxious weed website]

Colorado is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of acres that are becoming overrun by noxious weeds. These non-native plants have been introduced either by accident or as ornamental plants and are devastating thousands of acres of wildlife habitat and natural areas.

Most noxious weeds originated in Europe or Asia and arrived here without bringing their the natural controls (insects and pathogens). Without these controls, noxious weeds have an incredible competitive advantage over our native vegetation.

If left uncontrolled, noxious weeds will form dense monocultures and displace native and desirable plants. The loss of native plants also affects the wildlife that depend on the native vegetation for survival.

Jefferson County's Weed and Pest Department works to help educate land owners about the impacts of noxious weeds and how they can manage these unwelcome plants.

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