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Community News

News of relevance to the Valley-Hi Ranch Estates subdivision will be posted here.

Evergreen Area Community Plan June 2014

Jefferson County is in the beginning phases of updating the Evergreen Area Community Plan. This is an invitation being extended to registered HOAs in or near the Evergreen area. I would like to ensure that your HOA knows about this update to the land use plan, and give you an opportunity to speak with, meet with, or email correspond with me prior to the first public meeting (scheduled for June 24th, from 6:00 to 8:00pm at the Bergen Park Fire Station).

For more information about the plan update, please visit our plan update website at: http://www.jeffco.us/planning-and-zoning/community-plan-updates/evergreen-area

or, if you prefer a shortcut (http://tiny.cc/evergreen_plan).

Valley Hi Neighborhood Wildlife Protection Plan - Dec 2013

Valley Hi Neighborhood Wildfire Protection Plan (December, 2013)

Fireworks Hotline - June 2012
Sheriff recommends hotline to report fireworks violations
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office E-mail Alert
June 28, 2012
With the Independence Day festivities rapidly approaching, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is encouraging citizens wishing to report fireworks violations in unincorporated Jeffco to utilize a hotline. Citizens are asked to call 303-271-8200 and select option 7. The call will be sent directly to a Sheriff's dispatcher for assistance.

The hotline also provides up to date information concerning the current fire ban and fireworks ban in unincorporated Jefferson County, schedules for slash collection, as well as how to receive a free defensible space consultation with a wildfire mitigation specialist.

On June 27, 2012 Sheriff Ted Mink prohibited the sale, possession and use of all fireworks to include all commercial fireworks displays throughout the county. On June 15, 2012 the Governor banned the personal use of fireworks statewide.

Jefferson County deputies will strictly enforce fireworks violations as well as violations related to the current fire ban in unincorporated Jeffco. Any person who violates the laws pertaining to the sale, possession and use of legal fireworks commits a petty offense and the penalty for the violation is a fine of up to $600 for each separate violation. A violation for the use and possession of illegal fireworks is a class three misdemeanor and the penalty for the violation is a fine of up to $750.

Bears June 2012
Attention Neighbors,
Bears have been sighted in the neighborhood recently. Take precautions and be safe as bears are hungry and determined to replace lost body fat.

Be Bear-Smart at Home

Although watching a bear feed in your yard can be an exhilarating experience, it almost always leads to trouble. Making sure your home and yard are bear-proof is an essential part of making your community safe for both bears and people. Here's how:
  1. Keep your home bear-attractant free. Don't attract bears to your property with garbage, bird feeders, fruit trees and berry bushes, gardens, compost, dirty barbecues (grease cans or drip trays) or pet food.
  2. Feed pets indoors. Keep pets in sight when they are outside.
  3. When walking, keep dogs on leash, make noise to reduce your chances of surprising a bear.
  4. Don't stockpile garbage and recycling in large quantities and store it indoors. Store trash in bear-proof containers and don't place it outside until just before pick-up.
  5. Bears can and will climb through open windows and doors. Consider keeping them closed and locked during bear season, especially if you know there is a bear in the area.
  6. Keep a clean car. Never leave food, trash, pet food or coolers in your car. Bears will tear open doors and break windshields.
  7. Use specially designed bear deterrents - remotely triggered lights, noisemakers, and sprinklers - to discourage bears from entering your property, especially while you are away for extended periods.
  8. If you encounter a bear, remain calm. Give the bear plenty of space and an easy escape route. Back away slowly facing the bear. Avoid direct eye contact. Once in the safety of your home, make lots of noise, turn on lights, bang on pots, to encourage it to leave.
  9. Keep the whole neighborhood safe by encouraging your neighbors to follow Bear-Smart practices, too.

People create problem bears.

Garbage kills bears.

A fed bear is a dead bear.

Animal Evac Volunteers
Have you given any thought to what you would do with your pets in case Valley-Hi was evacuated and you could not get to your house? This organization has, and was needed during the recent North Fork fire. Approximately 50 pets were rescued from homes during this evacuation. AEV is a non-profit organization of volunteers who help you protect and evacuate your pets in times of crisis. We currently operate in the Colorado front range region, and have the volunteers, resources, experience and organization to help you and all other emergency services personnel evacuate pets of all kinds from harms way, quickly and safely. Under the direction and auspices of County sheriffs and/or animal control officers, we assist in pet and other animal pickup, transport, and delivery to a previously specified safe location, where they are cared for until they can be reclaimed by their owners. Our services are happily free of charge to all involved. To learn more about us or the services we can provide in times of need, please go to our website - www.animalevac.org. Flyers are also available to assist in emergency planning for your pets.

Apr 2012 - To all Valley Hi Residents
Attached are notification of county hearings on a new development between Hwy 73 and 285 across from Safeway. Anyone who is interested can attend these hearings.

There is a Planning Commission hearing on April 4th at 6:15 PM at the Jefferson County Courts and Administration Building, 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Hearing Room 1 on the 1st Floor.

On May 1st there will be a Board of County Commissioners Hearing at 8:00AM same location on this development.

Notification of Hearing
Map of area

Dec 2011 - Pictures from the Mountain Resource Center toy drive in Valley Hi!

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